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CIRP is a year-long dental surgical training course for gaining expertise in advanced implants. It is intended for those dentists who want to focus on implant dentistry in their practice. Our delegates regularly place 20-30 implants in a single day. These cases are discussed and reviewed in a study-club-style environment. The course offers an unparalleled learning experience for those wanting an elite implant education program.

One Year for Gaining Insights and Skills
During the course duration of a year, various advanced implant topics are covered. The structure and design, of course, help clinicians with a significant focus on implant dentistry to gain valuable insights.  As the course progresses, residents learn critical skills to perform successful implant procedures. These include ridge width grafting, sinus elevation, and immediate implant placement in aesthetic areas. The didactic education, clinical application, followed by case review form the steps towards achieving excellence in delivering dental implant procedures.

session topic description
1 Ridge Grafting Socket grafting; lateral ridge grafting; biology of wound healing; grafting materials; membranes
2 Ridge Splits Grafting materials; techniques for site development; block graft overview; ridge splitting techniques; PRF and other blood-derived membrane products
3 Soft Tissue Recognizing and repairing soft tissue defect; soft tissue augmentation; tissue harvesting; anterior esthetics
4 Sinus Grafting Sinus anatomy and biology; augmentation techniques, intra-osseous sinus lift procedures; lateral window procedures
5 Complications Advanced wound closure; medical emergencies; anesthesia; focus on complications from sinus augmentation
6 Maxilla Treating the edentulous maxilla; implant placement and restorations; bone density; effective tx plans; all-on-four techniques (tilted implants)
7 Guided Surgery Single- tooth implant guides, bone and tissue-level guides, full arch cases, in-office planning, and immediately loaded restorations.

Meet Our Doctors

Michael McCracken, DDS, Ph.D 

Dr. McCracken currently serves as a Professor at The University of Alabama School of Dentistry. He received his dental degree from The University of North Carolina and completed a prosthodontic residency at The University of Alabama Birmingham. Also, he earned a Ph.D in Biomedical Engineering for research related to growth factors and healing of implants in compromised hosts. His past roles with the University include serving as Director of Pre- Doctoral Implant Education, Director of Graduate Prosthodontics and Director of the UAB Implant Training Program. Dr. McCracken lectures Nationally and Internationally on topics relating to implant dentistry and the restoration of complex dental patients. He is known for his ability to explain difficult concepts in a practical way, and for a realistic approach toward continuing education. He lectures in an entertaining and relaxed manner, and makes the topics useful and real.