AIE Dental Implant Training

Expand Your Dental Implant Training


Hands-On Implant Training

The course offers live-patient care and mentored surgical experience. Students meet real patients, see real surgery, and get practical education. Small class-size means every student gets more personal attention and interaction with faculty. It’s a rewarding curriculum that enables graduating students to deliver different implant procedures in their practices successfully.

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Prosthodontics & Implant Restorations

  A prosthodontist diagnoses and treats patients with complex dental needs.  He repairs or replaces natural teeth with different fixed or removable prosthetic options. Restorative dentistry procedures include dental implants, crowns, bridges, complete dentures, partial dentures, aesthetics, occlusion, and treatment of facial and dental birth developmental defects. Our two-day didactic and hands-on training in dental implant training centre focuses on replacement dental procedure. Prosthodontist learns WHEN to offer fixed dental implant therapy, WHY it should be considered, HOW to provide it.  

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CIRP Advanced Surgical Training & Residency Program

  CIRP is a year-long dental surgical training course for gaining expertise in advanced implants. It is intended for those dentists who want to focus on implant dentistry in their practice. Our delegates regularly place 20-30 implants in a single day. These cases are discussed and reviewed in a study-club-style environment. It’s the best amongst available dental implant training courses. Students wanting an elite implant education program get an unparalleled learning experience.  

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IV Sedation Training

This program consists of 60 hours of didactic training, followed by at least 20 sedation experiences. Our delegates perform 20 individual sedations. We use only those medications that are available to general dentists for usage. A dentist must learn to perform dentistry while sedating patients. The course offers this clinical experience to students.

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