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Alabama Implant Education


Alabama Implant Education


AIE Live Dental Implant Training

digital dentistry  & Implant Restoration

AIE IV Sedation Course

Comprehensive Implant Residency Program

Dental Implant Education Courses  and Dental Implant Training  is an essential procedure for practicing dentists & professional.

Dental Implant Training Programs  allow the practicing professionals to serve patients in the best possible way. Training and education have a supreme value for medical practitioners, as learning should never stop.

If you are someone aiming to provide the best to your patients and have an active interest for learning, AIE is here. Set a goal to implant success in your dental practice. At AIE, we fulfil your goal by imparting hands-on surgical implant training that can be effectively integrated into your dental practice. On top of continuing education, we offer business solutions that help our graduates build a successful and profitable implant practice.

Dental Implant Courses for Dentists and Dental Implant Training Programs have multi-faceted importance for the professionals.

AIE's Didactic session include:

  • Diagnosis & Treatment Planning
  • Workflows
  • Provisional Restorations
  • Definitive Restorations

There is an advance hands-on training which include:

  • Overdentures
  • Implant fixed complete
  • Dental Prostheses Hybrids Implant Dentures
  • Fixed Detachable Dentures
  • All Patients Provided
  • All Surgical Supplies Included
  • You the Dentist are doing the Surgery, not Watching!

The seminar was great! I am so excited about Dentistry again. 
Dr. Dave Dorroh, DDS

We understand how technology and science change each day; subsequently, we have all plans set for dentists to cover obligatory and continue learning while practicing.

Complete your Dental Implant Education and Training.  Alabama Implant Education is committed to providing quality-based education to professionals and those eyeing to have a career in implantology.  Our goal is to train General Dentists so that patients may be well served with this state-of-the-art technology effectively. We feel the best way to learn new dental techniques is to practice them in a mentored, teaching, hands-on clinical environment. Our training sessions and courses are divided into various dates throughout the year to match your dental pratice. We offer a 2-day surgical training course of didactic and hands-on training designed for dental professionals who aspire to gain the knowledge and skills required to provide full-arch fixed dental implant therapies.  Another training program is a full-week, implant training boot camp that goes into detailed study and hands-on surgery of patients.



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