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AIE LIVE Dental Implant Training

and the Business of Dental Implants

AIE: A Live-Patient
Dental Implant Experience

Learn dental implant surgery and how to build an implant practice

  • LIVE!!! You place implants on real patients
  • Surgery that fits your needs: We offer Simple to the Most Complex Surgeries
  • We provide patients for you
  • All surgeries are done in the safety of the USA
  • Includes our new Dental Business & Marketing Management Course

In-Office Surgical Session option

  • Full day of MENTORED EXPERIENCE on location in your office.
  • Case planning for all patients included in cost.
  • Price is $5,850 if you have completed the AIE training program.
  • Price is $11,850 if you would like to do an IN “YOUR" OFFICE 1-on-1 Surgical Experience, instead of at the Foundry Dental Center for your course surgical experience.  Please call Scott at (256) 797-1964 for details.
  • Price is $14,500 if you have not completed an AIE training program.

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Course Reviews

Dr. Alan Avriett
“As far as learning to do implants from a common sense angle, there is no better course than AIE.  It is reasonably priced and the information that is learned during the 3 day surgical portion is priceless.  You get hit with situations that make you think how to solve a vast array of problems.  I loved the course and Dr’s McCracken and Guy were excellent and easily approachable.  Would recommend to anyone wanting to learn implant placement.  Have already told my BioHorizons rep how good it was.”

Dr. Bruce Baker
“The Implant course was fantastic! The structure of the session was just right. The patient selection presented such a wide range of cases that we all were constantly learning new things. The team at the foundry were so friendly and helpful that the sessions were fun! Thank you all for this great learning experience. All the good things I heard about the course were true.”  

Dr. Katie Schier
“I loved the AIE implant course. It was very thorough and broken down into easy to remember steps.  Dr. McCracken is a phenomenal lecturer. He made it fun and enjoyable to sit in a lecture room all day, which is a hard task to do.  I additionally liked the marketing component of the course.  The surgical session was my favorite part.  My partner and I were able to successfully place 17 implants and were exposed to complex cases.  After leaving the course, I feel confident that I will be able to implement this in my practice.  Thanks so much!”

Dr. Ryan Roberts
“Overall, I had a great experience - I feel confident adding implant dentistry into services I can provide for my patients. Being that I've been out of dental school for less than a year,  I was looking for a course that could help me build confidence placing implants for single or multiple tooth replacement, and this course accomplished all of those things. I was very impressed with the program's organization, management of participant's time, and the effort that was made to make sure everyone got quality surgical experiences. I will be recommending this course to my fellow colleges.”

Dr. Tyler Jury
“My experience was phenomenal. As a recent grad (2016) I feel energized and excited about the possibilities with incorporating implants into my practice. The entire program was well-run and incredibly well taught by Dr. McCracken and Dr. Guy. The surgical experiences provided in-depth learning opportunities with case difficulty that allowed learning beyond basic implant dentistry. After my experience I hope to participate in CIRP in the coming year or two. Thanks!”

Dr. Ken Kowalski
“My experience at the lecture was very informative. We met dentists from all walks.  Everyone, from experienced placement,  to newbies like me and my son.  Really enjoyed Bourbon St. This implant stuff is pretty cool.  I like New Orleans.  :)  Oh , that’s right . I’m a hands on, visual , vs audio guy .  Welcome to Bessemer!   Well , hands on here we go .  Back to back Foundry Specials.  ( Thanks Scott ! :). )  I had not placed a flap since Dental school.   I could not have been with a more supportive, encouraging and instructive group .  We placed 10 implants freehand.  Sutured as well.  The atmosphere at the clinic was surreal.  Controlled chaos.  How you guys and gals do it everyday is mind blowing. I am so happy my son got us into this class.  I needed a reinvigorating move in my career.  It’s funny how advanced CE changes your approach to treatment and I believe, improves your clinical skills.  You look at everything in a different light. For the better. I would recommend this class to anyone with a desire to pursue Implants.

We are at the Chicago Midwinter and just took a class in implant supported overdentures.  Without that background I would have been in the dark.  But, when we were exiting the class, my son said, “ hey , we can do that “.  And yes we can. I look forward to entering this next phase of my career.  The ability to offer these services to my patients is life changing.  For everyone involved. To Dr McCracken , thank you your understanding and calm  leadership.  You gave me a belief in myself  and confidence in a field of Dentistry I was not involved in, at least not on the surgical code. To Dr’s Paul , G ,JT, Danny, and Cody, you guys rock!  Your encouragement and assistance went above and beyond. My nerves disappeared as soon as I entered the op. To see and feel the gratitude from the patients was literally the icing on the cake.”

Dr. Chris Sims
“I loved the course. I felt like it was a great hands-on experience especially for the price. You all have a great team that really help make the experience a one-of-a-kind.”

Dr. Michael Nebrig
“Course was great!  Didactic was sufficiently comprehensive without being overwhelming.  Surgical was perfect.  Plenty of implants to place in order to feel comfortable when I get home.  I think some more restorative knowledge would be beneficial with regard to the overdenture cases.  I was able to get info by asking the residents and attendings, but without prying, I may have felt a little lost with respect to that.”

Dr. Rachel Carden-Johnson
“Lecture:  Informative and efficient which makes it highly effective. I find the topics relevant to the session and key points are reiterated and emphasized so they are truly "learned".  I like that it's an interactive session w docs and residents and instructors.  I like the quick question fire where we have the ability to answer in a test type environment...under gentle pressure.  Makes it lifelike.  Patients and staff always looking to you for the answer so you need to be comfortable with your facts. I like the ability of the docs to ask questions if unclear but the instructor doesn't let us veer from topic and stays on track so attention and time not lost.

Guy:  I love that he always takes the opportunity to make a moment a "teachable" moment.  Dr. McCracken kind of "is" the teacher so he's always doing the same of course.  If you ask a question either lecture or clinical he always says "well, lets talk about that."  Tells you exactly why, asks questions forcing you to challenge yourself mentally and then has you actually perform the procedure (ex: I had never given Dex shots before) so you are comfortable with it in your practice.

I think the course is taught like I personally like to practice.  Expect the best results with proper planning and preparation but always being prepared for complications.  Real world clinical and legal advice is given on handling those unforeseen moments so I have no real fear of those.  My senior year dental school quote was "Fear is good.  It's what keeps you from being a crappy doctor- from the TV show Scrubs"  So I think the fear is good and keeps us alert and on our A -game, but I'm just saying I feel well-prepared.

I like that the instructors instill autonomy and confidence in their students/docs.  You give us the freedom to practice and care for your patients (and have fun with them) but with that knowledge that help is always available if needed. There is no helicoptering or hovering over us as we work which I think makes us nervous...or more comfortable depending on the type person you are. Instead, we read the chart notes and begin procedures as we deem appropriate.

I came out of AIE having placed about 13 implants in 3 days which skyrocketed our practice into the implant realm.  I came out of CIRP session one and have tx planned 3 ridge grafts just this week with my first one scheduled next Friday.  I consider this a successful teaching/clinical experience and am having a Blast!

Admin is well organized.  Assistants are super helpful.  Residents are enjoyable and have the enthusiasm that reminds us why we got into the profession in the first place.  Meeting the other docs is always fun and allows us to gain perspective into other's practices.”

Dr. Cody Bell
“I have been VERY pleased with the CIRP course. I feel like Dr Guy and Dr McCracken have gone above and beyond my expectations to make the experience as worthwhile as possible. I have learned some very valuable new skills that will allow me to offer my patients the best possible service. I have already seen an improvement in my implant practice both in quality of services (decreased failure rate) and in the number of procedures I have been performing. I would like to see maybe some more instruction on PRF/PRP procedures such as specifics on phlebotomy techniques, instrumentation needed to perform these procedures in office, and specifics on how long to centrifuge etc. Overall the instruction on grafting, implant placement, sinus augmentation etc has been phenomenal.  Thanks for a great experience.”

Dr. Mark Anderson
Let me first say that I thoroughly enjoyed both the didactic and surgical sessions!! They were both very informative, especially the surgical session in Alabama!! I find Dr. McCracken to be a great lecturer who cuts through the fluff to teach us the necessary nuts and bolts of implant surgery.  I already had experience placing implants.  I've been placing them since 2010 but I felt I needed a refresher, especially with respect to Biohorizons implants.  The real reason I signed up for the course was to get my two associates experience in placing implants. We all attended together and we all got a lot out of it!!  Even though I have experience, I'm still glad I attended the course with them.  Now we all have a common source of education we can refer to when discussing individual cases together.”

Dr. Daniel Cathey
“I was very pleased with the implant course.  Dr McCracken is a very good lecturer and I think his ability to simplify complex concepts and processes is what makes the course so effective.  I really appreciated the "cheat sheets" that give all the information in one easy to find location.  The surgical portion of the course was what made it truly valuable with so much hands on experience.  I do wish there could have been slightly more emphasis on the restorative side of some of the complex procedures.  Overall I would definitely recommend this course to colleagues.” Dr. Devin Hall “AIE is without a doubt one of the best courses I have taken. The information taught during the didactic portion was clearly presented and applicable. Questions were always addressed and satisfactorily answered by Dr. McCracken. The surgical portion of the course at the Foundry was simply amazing. The organization of patients and treatment for the various procedures during the 2 1/2 day surgical session was incredibly impressive. Great job Scott. Drs. McCracken and Rosenstiel were so gracious in their instruction during this portion of the course. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to implement dental implantology into their practice or, like me, further educate yourself on surgical protocols to improve your current implant practice.”

Dr. J. Chris Martin
“The AIE course was fantastic, far exceeding my expectations.  Dr McCrackens laid back teaching style made him very easy to approach and ask questions. I loved the fact that the course wasn’t too heavy in “bone biology” and geared more toward practical everyday practice . The surgical session was phenomenal . I gained tremendous confidence very quickly and feel like I can go back home and begin placing implants on select cases Monday morning. I my opinion the fee for this course is the best buy in continuing education anywhere. I can’t wait to return for more advanced training in the near future.”              

Dr. Patrizia Scalia
“Loved the surgical session! Felt very confident once I left possibly considering the CIRP once I get a few under my belt! Thanks for everything.”

Dr. Mary J. Stahle
“I can’t say enough positive things about the entire course! I have been searching for quite some time for a course like this....and it exceeded all my expectations! Making the hike from Michigan .....the lectures were informative , yet content specific ....the hands on portion at the Foundry was spot on. Without hesitation, I would recommend this course to my friends and colleagues. Most other courses I researched  you only may observe , assist or only place one implant ....or work on purely plastic mandibles.....not the case here. The docs , support staff and patients were all so welcoming and wanting us to jump right in! I would be interested in any future surgical dates that are I May wish to try one more session! A huge thank you to all as i know this took a lot of behind the scenes prep work before we all started with patients!”

Dr. Skyler Holcomb
“The course was everything I hoped it would be and more.  I have always enjoyed doing surgery but haven't had as much opportunity in the area that I work.  This course was just what I needed to re-ignite the excitement that I used to get from performing surgical extractions and other oral surgeries.  The overall relaxed setting of the course was what really put it over the top.  I feed off the energy of a room full of experienced professionals bouncing ideas off of one another to provide the absolute best care to the patient.  The bottom line is that I am infinitely more confident moving forward and I have the team at the Foundry to thank for that.  Thank you!”

Dr. Barry Gravitt
“This course was the most rewarding thing I have done in my 29 years of dentistry. The lecture weekend was informative and detailed. I feel I received a great deal of foundational data to cultivate my diagnostic and treatment planning for implants.  The surgical weekend clearly was my favorite. The opportunity to provide for and treat several patients with varying needs was helpful. Having the instructors and residents there to help us and guide our treatment during each procedure was comforting. We were able to lay a foundation for our implant journey with very little stress. Again, this clearly was the best and most rewarding course I have ever attended. Thank you to the entire team at AIE. “

Dr. Matthew Stepler
“I can’t speak higher about the course. The material, people and experience was fantastic. The most rewarding aspect was being able to work hands on in live surgery and put didactics into practice. I will recommend to everyone I can! And hopefully complete CIRP someday! Thank you!”

Dr. Robert Truzzolino 
“The course was really great. The hands on experience the course offers is hands down the best that I have heard of. There’s not much more I could really ask for I loved it. Sorry if I don’t have anything negative to say to help but I don’t. Thank you again.”

Dr. Jeff Mazzarella
“I really enjoyed the course and have multiple friends that may sign up for your next course! I thought the lectures went very well. It was a great introductory course for placing implants. Concepts were straight forward and easy to understand. All presenters were very good, and brought really good information to the table. It would have been nice to see a surgical guide case presented from start to finish just to understand the basics. I understand there is an entire course on this, but there was a short presentation during the lectures. I really liked how we had hands on time with the system at our own pace. Everyone was very friendly and willing to answer all questions. Improvements could include going over complications and how to deal with them in more depth, and a more in depth itinerary for day to day topics and times. The surgical part was great. We got all the experience we had hoped for, guidance when it was needed, and was able to get comfortable with biohorizon and managing the patient pre/during/post surgery.  Improvements could be a little more help at the start of the procedure. Sometimes navigating the CBCT scan was difficult when you aren’t familiar with the software. Reviewing post op procedure that will need to be reviewed with the patient. Showing us how to and where to write notes for the cases. Honestly it was difficult to think of any critiques. My partners and I really enjoyed the course.”

What Doctors are Saying about AIE

"AIE is without a doubt one of the best courses I have taken. The surgical portion of the course at the Foundry was simply amazing. The organization of patients and treatment for the various procedures during the 2 1/2 day surgical session was incredibly impressive. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to implement dental implantology into their practice."

- Dr. Devin Hall

Live Patient Guided Implant Surgery

Learn fully guided dental implant surgery on real patients!

  • Treatment planning and computer guide design
  • Aspects of surgical guide creation
  • Hands-on surgical guide implant placement
  • Live patient implant placement

Course Dates

Birmingham, AL

May 10 - 11, 2019

Live Patient Guided Surgery

Location: 1700 6th Ave. N. | Bessemer, AL 35020
Time: Thursday 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. & Friday 8:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Call: (256) 797-1964
Tuition: $

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    Jonathan Paul Ouellette, DMD, AEGD

    Dr. Ouellette graduated from the AEGD implant residency course in 2014 where he worked closely with Dr. Michael McCracken at the Foundry Dental Center in Bessemer, AL. He is a dedicated, motivated, and highly respected dentist currently practicing in the Orlando, FL area where he has his own private practices with his father. He utilizes his patient care and surgical skills through his advanced training in surgical implant dentistry and IV conscious sedation training daily. He currently lectures for Sirona and for AIE along with Dr. McCracken.

    Michael McCracken, DDS, PHD

    Dr. McCracken currently serves as a Professor at the University of Alabama School of Dentistry. He received his dental degree from the University of North Carolina, and completed a prosthodontic residency at UAB. Also, he earned a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering for research related to growth factors and healing of implants in compromised hosts. His past roles within the University include serving as Director of Pre-Doctoral Implant Education, Director of Graduate Prosthodontics, and Director of the UAB Implant Training Program. Dr. McCracken lectures nationally and internationally on topics relating to implant dentistry and the restoration of complex dental patients. He is known for his ability to explain difficult concepts in a practical way, and for a realistic approach toward continuing education. He lectures in an entertaining and relaxed manner, and makes the topics useful and real.

    Guy Rosenstiel, DMD, MAGD

    Dr. Guy Rosenstiel is a graduate of the UAB School of Dentistry, and completed a residency in general dentistry at the Birmingham Veterans Administration Hospital. He earned a Mastership in the Academy of General Dentistry in 2007 and has gone on to build a successful private practice with a strong emphasis on dental implants. His clinical mentoring is among the best in the field, and he has helped dozens of dentists in the Birmingham community refine their skills in implant surgery and oral medicine. He has particular strengths in oral medicine, medical evaluation of patients, and site development skills including ridge splitting techniques.

    Dr. Rosenstiel has a passion for continuing education, completing coursework in dental anesthesiology, dental implants, endodontics, and CAD/CAM restorations. He has served as President of the Alabama Academy of General Dentistry, and teaches part-time at the UAB School of Dentistry. He brings a wealth of practical experience with him to the courses he teaches, including insight on how to implement dental implants into a private practice setting, and how to manage the business aspects of implant dentistry.

    Meet The Faculty

    Guy Rosenstiel, DMD, MAGD

    Doctor Bio

    Michael McCracken, DDS, PhD

    Doctor Bio

    Jonathan Paul Ouellette, DMD, AEGD

    Doctor Bio

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