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Dental Implant Marketing

Your Guide to Effective and Proven Practice Growth

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Online Reputation Management

Your Reputation is everything. What’s your online reputation saying about you?

  • 78% of people check online reviews first when finding a new doctor
  • 94% would use if 4 star or higher
  • 80% trust reviews over friends
  • 86% would avoid if poor or no reviews

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Want To Place More Implants?

Your New Teeth Now is a program designed to grow your implant practice using a proven system that is easy to implement, effective and affordable.

Your New Teeth Now will drive more implant leads directly to you, provides amazing dental implant patient education tools and helps your team increase case acceptance, so that you can place more dental implants.

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Managed Marketing & Advertising Services

Advertising and marketing strategies with one goal in mind - increased revenue through new patient acquisition. We serve as your marketing manager, complete with the experience, knowledge and understanding of todays complicated marketing/advertising landscape.

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What Our Clients are Saying

"In the first week I scheduled a full arch case and an immediate implant that I would have never received without Your New Teeth Now"

- Dr. Robert Pauley Georgia

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Use Your Service?

We understand that the patient is your top priority; growing your practice and generating new patients is ours. Creating and implementing effective campaigns for the dental industry is our specialty. We use our experience in both the medical and media fields to guarantee our partners the most comprehensive and targeted plans available. From the original consultation to the post-campaign report, we will provide all of the services necessary to see a return on your investment.

What Types of Advertising Will You Suggest?

We will take a multi-screen approach that utilizes traditional media along with new digital platforms. We will take advantage of targeted opportunities that allow us to maximize the efficiency of every dollar spent. Each market will be unique and all plans will be custom. Plans will be tracked and monitored to ensure delivery of the audiences purchased.

What Type of Campaign Tracking Will You Offer?

We will be able to track your campaign daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. We will communicate with our partners to confirm that our plans are being implemented the way they were ordered. This tracking will also give us the metrics and data to increase successful areas and modify those that are not. We will send you monthly reports detailing the activity of the previous month.

Are Results Guaranteed?

Our aim is to place your company and its message in front of potential clients. Our targeted approach gives you the best chance of success. This model has been tested and proven to drive traffic to your website and generate phone calls to your practice.

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