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Prosthodontics & Implant Restoration

Course participants will learn all the steps in making the very best implant restorations our profession can offer — immediate fixed load full-arch restorations. These can be life changing, both for patients, and for a dental practice! Using the surgical techniques learned in CIRP, or specialist support, delegates of this course will learn how to restore these high- end prostheses.



Michael McCracken, DDS, PhD

Dr. McCracken currently serves as a Professor at The University of Alabama School of Dentistry. He received his dental degree from The University of North Carolina and completed a prosthodontic residency at The University of Alabama Birmingham. Also, he earned a Ph.D in Biomedical Engineering for research related to growth factors and healing of implants in compromised hosts. His past roles with the University include serving as Director of Pre- Doctoral Implant Education, Director of Graduate Prosthodontics and Director of the UAB Implant Training Program. Dr. McCracken lectures Nationally and Internationally on topics relating to implant dentistry and the restoration of complex dental patients. He is known for his ability to explain difficult concepts in a practical way, and for a realistic approach toward continuing education. He lectures in an entertaining and relaxed manner, and makes the topics useful and real.

Guy Rosenstiel, DMD, MAGD

Dr. Guy Rosenstiel is a graduate of the UAB School of Dentistry, and completed a residency in general dentistry at the Birmingham Veterans Administration Hospital. Dr. Rosenstiel has a passion for continuing education. He has completed coursework in dental anesthesiology, dental implants, endodontics, and CAD/CAM restorations. He earned a Mastership in the Academy of General Dentistry in 2007. Dr. Rosenstiel has built a successful private practice with a strong emphasis on dental implants. He brings a wealth of practical experience with him to this course, including insight on how to implement dental implants into a private practice setting, and how to manage the business aspects of implant dentistry. He has served as President of the Alabama Academy of General Dentistry, and teaches part-time at the UAB School of Dentistry. Dr. Rosenstiel is active as a faculty member in the LMC sponsored AEGD program at the Foundry Dental Center, where he also teaches IV sedation.

Scott R. Miller, DDS

Dr. Miller is a graduate of the VCU School of Dentistry, and a director of the VDA MOM Denture team. In a thriving clinical practice in Southwest Virginia, he has developed extensive experience with implant restorations, AvaDent Dentures, Benchmark Dentures and the full-arch implant restorations. Dr. Miller enjoys lecturing on various topics in dentistry but not as much as his love for the outdoors. When not holding a denture or an implant torque wrench he can be found with either a rod, gun or bow in his hand.

Stephen Alouf, DDS

Dr. Alouf maintains an active clinical practice in Roanoke, VA. He is a fellow in the ICOI, where he has earned a Mastership in implant prosthodontics, as well as a member of the Southeastern Academy of Prosthodontics. He is the Director of Operations for Benchmark Dentures, and actively involved in denture outreach programs. He serves as an active faulty member at the Appalachian Highlands Community Dental Center, an AEGD training site in Abingdon, Virginia.




For several years, our implant course alumni have asked for more information on implant restorations. It might even limit their implant practice. It is time to change that. As always, when you become more comfortable with a treatment modality, your patients will sense that and be much more open to your treatment plans. More skills means more case acceptance, and better results!



There is little education on this in the CE world, and almost none with hands-on patient exercises. Clinicians will learn how to make a superior clinical denture, using conventional techniques and also cutting edge digital protocols. Additionally, the course will teach the economical and convenient thermoplastic “boilable” Benchmark denture protocol for immediates.



As the course continues, delegates will expand on this background knowledge to restore a fixed arch. Called by different names – fixed hybrid, screw- retained denture, All-on-X – this treatment is something you simply must be offering your patients. It is a fantastic restoration, offering stability, function, security and comfort. Delegates can expect to perform actual impressions on the patient and walk though necessary lab steps. Delegates will insert a premade final prosthesis.



To be fair to all, registration is a first-come, first-served basis, depending on when payment is received in the office. Clinicians may cancel/drop the course at any time. All payments received are non-refundable.

Clinicians can contact Ashley or Scott to register. Ashley can be reached at or by calling (205) 434-5672. Scott McCallum can be reached for questions and assistance with registration at (256) 797-1964, or if you prefer by email at or at